Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Sayings #3

Sebastian:  "Mama, I wanna go to Disney World and see Captain Hook.  We're gonna do 'arggggh' together.  He scares the other kids with his hook."

Adrian: "Mama, I wanna go poop on the potty so I get Spider Man treats."

Adrian: "Mama, I want Ms. Helena and Miss 'Ianca (Miss Bianca) to come home with Mama and Papa and Sebastian and Adi." (Those are his teachers from school.)

Sebastian:  "Adi, wanna do snuggles with me?" (In our bed this morning.  They snuggled together and Sebastian rubbed Adi's back!)

Sebastian: "I have presents.  Which one do you want?" (Holds out a dinosaur and a Little People train conductor.)
Mama: "I want the conductor."
Sebastian: "No, you can have the dinosaur....ok, the conductor, too." (he hands me both)

Sebastian: "My piggy toe hurts from playing Play-Doh."  (He was standing for a while...I think that's why it hurt?!?!?!)

Adi to Mama: "Where's my sweeper (Swiffer)?  I have to wipe it (his piece of chocolate).  It's not gu├ícala (gross).  Have to wipe."

Sebastian:  "Lexi talked in Spanish because she was Mexican."

Sebastian:  "Mama, I did pee pee on the potty at school!!!!!"
Mama: "When you wear big boy underwear and use the potty, Mama will buy you a present."
Sebastian: "No, Mama.  I already did pee pee on the potty."  (He thinks that going once is enough...)

Sebastian, while watching Home Alone 2: "Mama, I have a good idea.  Get rid of this part." (a boring part)

Sebastian, after "reading" a Cam Jensen I Can Read book (which has a lot of words and very few pictures) by himself:  "It was a great story for me!"

Poor Adi.  I don't have as many quotes for him.  He's harder to understand.  Lately his word is "because."  Every sentence is "because this" or "because that."  And pretty much all he talks about is "We hafta go to the store to get Spider Man treats."

When Will Spring Be Here?

It's been too long since I've updated the blog.  But there wasn't much going on because of all the snow we've had this year in February.  This month has been one never-ending snow storm.  Horrible.  

We have had 5 or 6 snow days?  I lost count.  It was fun at first, but we quickly were running out of things to do.  We put sand in the sensory table and that was fun until the table got pushed over and the sand got all over the rug.

Then we played with dried beans...and that was fun until they ended up all over the rug.

Valentine's Day came and went without much fanfare, again in part because of the weather and freezing cold.  We didn't do anything much to celebrate.  Carlos and I got to prepare 24 Valentines for the boys' classmates at the preschool...That was fun.  Valentines these days are cheap looking.  The boys came home with a bag (each) filled with valentines and lollipops and candy.  Apparently Adi thought handing out valentines was great--Sebastian couldn't have cared less.  A boy after my own heart (although I will admit I loved getting valentines in elementary school).

Adi and I made cookies.

The boys' personalities are really coming out now.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear them interact with each other.  They can tell me stories now and have conversations.  It's great.  I'm starting to enjoy this age, despite the challenges.

They are such goof balls!

Here's the roof of our house before Carlos got out and shoveled it off.  We were supposed to get rain one Saturday, so Carlos left work early on Friday afternoon and came home and shoveled the entire back half of the roof--over the solar panels (which still aren't working!).  Friday evening, I shoveled off the porch roof.  All the snow from the roof was on the it was even more than you see here.  Carlos and I were both exhausted!  Saturday during the day he shoveled off the front of the house.  All told, we saved $800 by doing it ourselves.  I'm just glad no one fell off the roof.

 Adi did this to himself--I swear!!!  I really did not put that there!

This was one of our many snow days...wiping the glass with tissues so they could watch the snowplow.

One day Adi discovered the Swiffer and thought it was the best thing ever.  We didn't tell him otherwise.  He went to town with it all over the play area.  Yeah!

They WILL NOT hold the binoculars the right way.  They use them backwards and insist this is the way to do it.

We've watched waaaaaay too much TV this winter.  I admit it.  But I can't help it.  The days have been so long and cold and snowy.

 One day we  put stuff in tuperware containers and then added water.  We froze the containers.  The boys had fun chipping away at the ice to rescue the stuff inside.

 Adi is still gung-ho about his army man stuff.

We made playdough and FINALLY found a recipe we love.

Here it is:

Jell-O Playdough (From Parents Magazine March 2015)

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup warm water
2 tbs salt
2 tbs cream of tarter
2 tbs cooking oil
1 3 oz packet of Jell-O

1. Whisk all ingredients together in small saucepan.

2. Cook over med. heat, stirring continuously, until the dough thickens and forms a ball.  (Keep going--I thought I had done something wrong!  But after about 7-8 minutes it started to form clumps and then a ball.)

3. Let cool 30 minutes.

This one was made with raspberry Jell-O and it smelled so good!  It's a good texture and it makes a lot of dough.  We'll make this one again.  In fact, last week, I bought Jell-O in a variety of different colors.  I'd make this rather than buy more "real" Play-Doh.

Adi discovered that Swiffer sticks are great drum sticks!

And that they make fun alien antennas.

Here's a view of the house after clearing the roof and the porch.  Yikes.

 Last weekend we went bowling for a family friend's birthday.  The boys really didn't care about the bowling.  They were more excited about "driving."

Sebastian, with his cowboy hat, hook (his right) and sword (his left).  I love that he does such a good job pretending stuff now.  He makes do with what he has!

My bro snuck a picture of the Watertown condo for me since he works right down the street.  I was curious as to how they dug out. They did a pretty good job, actually.  But man, I DO NOT wish I were there!

Last night Grumpy came, as he usually does on Friday nights.  He brought pizza.  The boys love that Friday night tradition and ask for Grumpy and pizza when they know it's a Friday.

Today the weather was FINALLY nice enough to do a bunch of errands.  We went to Target and Adi got Ninja Turtle and McQueen treats for using the potty.  (The bribery has to end soon...his teeth will be rotted!  But the kid doesn't ask for much...)

After Halloween I bought a pirate scarf/hat, patch, earring, and sword (as a set) for $.50.  I pulled it out this morning.  The boys fought over the sword, but then shared it pretty nicely.  Of course the sword is already broken (the glue is setting as I write this).  But at least it was only $.50.

This is Sebastian saying "ARGGH!"

Thank God February is almost over!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Funny Sayings #2 February

Sebastian (singing):  "Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the money trail..."

Adi, talking to the air, "Claire, I miss you!"

Sebastian, in response to Adi's comment, "Claire, I'm coming to school!  No running on the playground.  There's ice and it's slippery and you have to fall down."

Sebastian, while sleeping, shouted at the top of his lungs, "I don't want any underwear!"

Sebastian: "Mama, I like your pajamas."
Mama: "I like yours, too."
Sebastian: "Thank you!"

Sebastian to Mama: "I was in your belly and then I came out.  I was lying down.  I was having fun in there.  I was here (touching one side of my belly) and Adi was here (touching other side of belly)."

Carlos:  "Te quiero, mi rey santo!" ("I love you my saintly king!"  Doesn't translate well to English, but it's a fairly common way of addressing your kid in Mexico.)
Sebastian: "Te quiero mi papa santo!"  (He came up with this on his own!)

Sebastian: "Captain Hook is my best pirate.  I wanna be Captain Hook when I'm bigger."
Mama: "You can't be a pirate when you grow up!"
Sebastian: "No mama, I wanna be him when I'm bigger for Halloween."
Mama: "Oh, ok then.  That's fine.  But you can't be a pirate in real life, ok?"
Sebastian: "Ok, Mama."

Adi: "Mama, we have to go to the market and get Spiderman treats."

Sunday, February 8, 2015

One Down, One to Go

Well, Adrian is potty trained!  He still is figuring things out at school--he doesn't like to do #2 there.  But he has been 100% in control and *on top of things* here at home.  Not a single accident yet (except for a poop during nap time).  He goes when we ask him to and asks to go to the potty when he has to go.  So awesome!!!!!!!  We still have him in a diaper at night for now, but he has been dry all night more often than not lately.  I think we'll be ready to stop using one at night soon, too.

Here is Mr. Army Man Adi with his new camo blanket from Mini.  She got him a whole twin sheet set, but we are only using the blanket for now in the toddler bed.  I was hoping to wait to put them in their "real" big boy beds until they are both potty trained.  We'll see.

Sebastian still couldn't care less about the potty.  He's more into Captain Hook right now...

Both boys had fun today with their army man set that Santa brought.

 We also played dinosaurs, play doh, blocks, Lincoln's been such a loooooong winter!

Today at least it wasn't frigid for once.  We went out and played for a little while in the snow.  Sebastian wouldn't put his mittens on at first.  Then he couldn't figure them out.  No matter how many times I told him he COULD NOT get his thumb into the thumb part of the mitten.

Adi figured out the mittens. :-)

Everything is COVERED in snow...

 Eventually I put baby mittens on Sebastian--the ones that don't have a spot for the thumb.  Then he was warm and happy.  Oh boy.

And a snow day tomorrow...sort of excited sort of dreading it, too.  We'll find stuff to do.  I like having a leisurely morning with the boys.  And it was great to find out about the snow day this afternoon so I didn't have the make the boys' lunches for tomorrow or plan my Spanish class.  Yeah!!!!!!!