Sunday, January 25, 2015

Funny Sayings: January

Sebastian:  "Mama, where's my baby nail?"  (takes off his shoes and socks, looking for his toenail!!!  ewww)  "Ah! There it is!  Mama, my piggies aren't fuchila (stinky in Spanish)!"

Adrian:  "Mama, I wanna watch Frozen.  I wanna see the man dancing."
Sebastian:  "The man has yucky hair."  (the Duke of Weaseltown)

Sebastian: "Thank you, Mama."
Mama: "You're welcome."
Sebastian: "You're welcome to you!!"

Sebastian, to everyone and no one in particular: "I'm a rascal!!!"

Mama: "We're going to Bass Pro Shop to look at the whale, the moose, the fishies--"
Adi: "And to get army man pants!"
Mama: "Yes, we're going to--"
Adi:  "We're going to get army man pants!"

To the fish at Bass Pro Shop, Adi: "These are my army man pants..."

Army Man Adi and Pleecy Sebastian

As you may have noticed from nearly all of my latest pictures, Army Man Adi (or Combat Carl Gattas as he sometimes refers to himself), refuses to wear anything but camo.  And, in fact, lately, he will only wear one single pair of "Combat Carl pants" and only a few shirts.  He is so picky and stubborn about it.  We made a trip to Bass Pro Shops this weekend to buy a new (bigger) pair of army man pants because it's hard making due with only one wear of "usable" pants! (He comes home from school filthy--covered in food and paint!)

Adi carried his new pants and shirt around the store with him.  He even showed the pants to the fish, who, by the way, sort of looked like army man fish.

Here he is modeling his new outfit.  (Santa brought the shoes, but they are still too big.)

One morning, Adi wouldn't get dressed at all because he refused to put clothes on if it wasn't his Combat Carl pants.  Eventually after 20 minutes of screaming Carlos wrestled him into some pants and then he screamed some more for a different pair of pants (although not his Combat Carl pants) and then we were ok.  It's quite the challenge.  From what I understand, it's not all that unusual with 3 year olds, but it sure isn't easy!

Here the army man is "cooking" with his Play Doh.  He cut it up into a thousand little chunks with his knife.  I'm still finding pieces on the floor...

Army men like to build Legos.

And use weed whackers....

Sometimes good army men help their moms with the shopping.

And all good army men need a camo lunch box.

Sebastian is more flexible, but even he is getting pickier.  He wants to wear fleece pants and sweatshirts ("pleecies", as he calls them)all the time because they are "so soft, Mama!"  I guess I can't blame him--I would like to live in fleece 24/7, too!

He loves this "pleecy."  (He wanted so badly to help me with email one day...)

Sleep habits lately have gone to hell--not sure why.  Adi in particular wakes a lot at night and takes a while to go back to bed.  He's happy to stay in his bed, but he'll call out every 10 minutes for something different: his puppy, water, his blanket, etc.  When they were younger I used to let them cry it out, but now that they are bigger, my #1 goal is to keep them in their beds, so I have caved and usually get up to give them stuff when they can't find it.  That's the other thing--I keep it pitch black in their room so they can't see well enough to get up and cause trouble (jump on the beds, etc).  But that also means they can't see or find anything.  :-(  Sebastian also wants to come in my bed every morning.  That's fine, but he's waking earlier and earlier and asking to come with me, and he doesn't sleep in my bed.  That means less sleep for both of us.  :-(  I think we're going to have to shift to a later bedtime and hope that works--eventually.  We've tried that many times before, but despite trying to change the schedule, they always seem to wake early.  And we need them to wake early for school--by 5:30 or 5:45 at the latest to not feel too rushed.  Goodness!  The 3s haven't been easy so far!

The boys were sick two weeks ago--all that week.  We made 3 trips to the pediatrician in less than 7 days.  But the good news is that, out of all of it, the only real "sickness" was Sebastian having an ear infection: no flu, pneumonia, strep, or anything like that.  But my mom helped take care of them a few days and, unfortunately, they got her sick.  :-(  Hopefully no more sickness this year...I'm going to think positively...

The boys loved playing K'nex with Mini!

The week they were sick, they spent a lot of time watching movies and "resting."  Occasionally, the boys now play together, and they talk to each other and interact much more than they used to.  I love to see them lying down together like this.

That's Adi's Steve Martin smile.

One day Puppy cooked with Adi.  I thought that was funny!

Sebastian is an imp--even when he's sick!

Adi loves the iPad.  They actually don't use it much, because I don't let them play many games on it, but when I do, he loves Monkey Preschool Lunchbox!

The army man is wearing leprechaun socks from Mini...

Sebastian loves his Legos.  He's good with the Duplos. I made the airport, though! ;-)

We had a mini snow storm this weekend.  Only about an inch--but gross because it was a mix of snow and rain.  The snow is wet and heavy.  Sebastian liked playing in it.  Adi, not so much.  He wouldn't go out in it (even though he liked tramping through the snow earlier that day on the way to the car).

Sebastian liked using the shovel to move the snow and water and ice around.  He thought he was the ice men at the beginning of Frozen--it was too cute.  He WOULD. NOT. WEAR. mittens, though.

Last night our next door neighbors Tom and Sarah came over.  That was fun!!!!  This morning we had breakfast at Mrs. Donut's house.  Boys were good.  So it was a busy weekend--a nice change after being bored and stuck at home sick for what seems like the whole month of January!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year

Carlos left for Mexico last Tuesday and I've been hanging out with my boys a lot this last week.  It's been kind of hard, I'll admit, because of a relative lack of consistency.  They had a dentist appointment last Monday and so went to school late, we dropped Carlos off at the airport before school on Tuesday and the boys miss their Papa, Wednesday I had a dentist appointment so didn't bring the boys to school (since they were closing early on New Year's Eve anyway), and then the holiday Thursday.  Friday was the only normal day for them.  Then we were mostly home this weekend playing.  Not much excitement.  It's cold and dreary and wet.  And, I'm trying not to spend money.  So not a great combination!  But we've had some fun, too.  Lots of Lego Duplo building, movie watching, Play Doh, and army man exercises!  This morning, we did go out to breakfast with Mini and play at her house a little while.  It was good to get out!!!

So here's more about what we've been up to.  When we dropped Papa at the airport, the boys were obsessed with the city.  And they had fun looking for planes on the way to school--every plane was Papa's plane to Mexico.  Funny how they understand that he got on a plane to go see Tia Caca and Abuelita--just like they did this summer.  They even remember their trip.  Sebastian said something to me this morning that shocked me.  I gave them some chocolate covered pomegranate candies--the same ones I brought on the plane to Mexico for take-off and landing.  Sebastian ate the candies and said something about eating so his ears wouldn't hurt on the plane!!!  Wow.  That boy remembers EVERYTHING.  

The boys like the Bristle Blocks they got for Christmas.  They spent a lot of time with them Tuesday night.

Adi built a frog face with his blocks.

Sebastian made planes--Papa's plane.  :-(

Just hanging out eating dinner.  Boys have quite the appetite lately.  Must be growing?

Sebastian devoured all those veggies.  He loves them!?!?!

Sebastian in particular loves the Lego police station that Tio Jim got him.

DJ Adi still loves his DJ stuff.  He was doing "night-night" with it here.

I still can't get him to not eat the mic when he uses it.  Gross.

On New Year's Eve, the boys and I stayed in.  I was in bed by 10pm--just the way I like it.  I hate the holiday and think it's stupid.  Anyway, Dad came over for a bit.  We had a "party" by putting birthday hats on (nice I can still get away with this kind of thing) and using noise maker thingies.  It took the boys a few minutes to figure out how to blow on them, but they got it.

At first they studied Grumpy doing it.

Adi was frustrated when at first he couldn't do it.


 Happy new year!!

The next morning I had some small presents for the boys.  Certainly, they don't need anything, but I was at Target after Christmas and saw a toy Black & Decker Weed Whacker.  Given Adi asked for snowblowers and yard work stuff for Christmas from Santa and he didn't get any because he already has a toy leaf blower (this kid is so weird!), when I saw it (and marked way down, too!) I had to get it.  It has been a huge hit.  I used a Barnes & Nobles gift card a student gave me to buy Sebastian a Micky Mouse Clubhouse book (with play figurines and play mat).  Both have already been worth the money in terms of the use they've gotten in the past few days!

The boys have been practicing their break dancing...

And dressing up in weird outfits.

Sebastian is so good with the Duplos.  I made the fire station.  But he tore it down and built a sled for Santa.  I had made him one before Christmas and it was horrible.  This kid made one 100X better than mine completely on his own.  I was embarrassed when I saw it.  He also made himself a truck that was spot-on.

His sled.  Did it occur to Mama to use those yellow pieces for the front of the sled?  Absolutely not.  To this smart 3-year-old--you bet!!  :-)

Sebastian spends a lot of time coloring.  He always puts his tongue like this when he's concentrating.  He is actually quite good--he attempts to color one part at a time and stay within the lines (of course he doesn't, but he gets the concept).

My Adi, on the other hand, just scribbles in circles to occupy as much of the page.  And sometimes he'll put like 2 lines on a page and then go to the next until he's gone through most of the book and colored just a little on each page.  It bothers my OCD, but he doesn't seem to mind--even though I think he's just as OCD as I am.

Snack time!

That's all for now. I have tomorrow (Monday) off; one of the perks of boarding school.  But the boys' school is open, so I must admit it will be nice to have a day to myself.  Then 100% back to reality.  I'm actually ready for it.  January is the only slow-ish time of year at work, and having something to do helps me get through the winter.  I think the boys really need their routine back, too--especially with Papa gone--so they don't notice his absence as much.  Although they ask for him, they have been so good about understanding where he is and why he's in Mexico.  They aren't sad--just matter of fact about the fact that Papa went away but he's coming back very soon.  They have been pretty good for me, too.  At least so far.  Knock on wood. At night it's been easier to read to them without Carlos, who likes to choose just before bedtime to get them all riled up! ;-)  They cuddle with me, and we just discovered Llama Llama Mad at Mama.  What a cute book!!!  They love it...we have to get more Llama Llama books from the library.