Monday, November 24, 2014

Pre Thanksgiving Fun

Well, the weekend didn't start off so fun.  I took Sebastian to the pediatrician on Saturday because he'd been so full of snot for so long.  And, he finally began to complain that his ear hurt.  No fever...Yep, he had an ear infection in his left ear.  So Amoxicillin.  He was so wiped from not sleeping well that he fell asleep in the car on the way over.  Poor little guy with his "cookie" and his Santa.

He loves looking at Nemo at the doctor's office.

Later that afternoon we went to the Christmas Place in Abington because we were bored.  The boys went through walking.  It was fine, but we flew through in order to keep them out of trouble.  I hope we can go back at some point this season with my dad and brother.

Carlos and I put up the big tree upstairs but, this year, we also put out the little tree we bought "for the boys" in 2011 right after they were born and we didn't have the time or energy for a big tree.  The boys had fun decorating it.

Sunday we did some mall running to tire the boys out.  Then we went to the playground.

For the first time ever, they jumped from the cars and the other stuff by themselves without holding my hand.  About time!

The nastiness of these places skeeves me out, but cold weather calls and/or excess energy calls for desperate measures.

It wasn't cold by the time we got home!  So Sebastian helped Papa mow the lawn.

Then we played Mr. Potato Head and lined them all up.

Then we beat the crap out of the piƱata for the second time.  They boys had a great time having at it.

Later that afternoon the boys and I went to the playground while Papa painted at home.  We stayed for an hour and a half.  It was great.  They were exhausted when we got home!

Later that evening we went to Nick and Lorna's for supper.  The boys were good playing with Patrick.  It was a nice evening--relaxing almost!  The boys are getting better when we take them places.  They are at their worst at home...they go crazy as soon as they are in the playroom.  :-(

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving!