Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October and Halloween Fun

 We kicked off the Halloween season with a hayride at Langwater Farm.  Sebastian and Carlos had a date and Adrian and I had a date.  We all ended up doing a hay ride at the farm, but separately!

Adi was a wonderful date--he always is.

He had hot chocolate on the tractor ride and thought he was something special because of it.

On 10/14 after karate, we went to Chili's for dinner.  It wasn't until we were there that we realized that five years before, almost to the day, was the night that Carlos and I went to a haunted house with a friend and then Chili's for dinner (it was 10/15/2011).  That was the night Adi's water broke.  So weird to be there with both boys--by coincidence--five years later.  What a miracle these two guys are.

We went to Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary in Norton one Saturday night with some friends of ours to check out the Haunted Trails.  It was adorable.  They had smores

 And there were decorations all over the little buildings.  Such a cute place.

 We went to hike behind the high school on our favorite trail.  Carlos got stuck on the playground afterwards.  Serves him right. ;-)

The boys are obsessed, for some reason, with the wooden bridges here.

We went to Mini's for dinner one evening and she let the boys leaf blow.  They loved it.

Halloween night at school.  He's eating the Olaf snowman he made.

Making a badge in the Paw Patrol room.

 Another hike.  Flaggy Meadow in West Bridgewater.  Not a good spot.  Too short and too muddy.

Back at our favorite trail, we accidentally found a geocache.  First ones to find the cache, which was brand new.  But we didn't have a pen.  :-(

Lastly, Halloween night.  The boys' friends joined us.  Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lousy pics.  Oh well.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Pirate Ships and the Boston Children's Museum

One fine weekend in September, our friend Anne organized a pirate ship cruise out of Plymouth.  It was a blast.  The boys fought an "ugly pirate" with water cannons attached to our ship, and even found "treasure."  I didn't take many pictures, but it was a fun day.

This is a random video of the boys pretending they are at their own Dojo...Sebastian loves to play like he's the Sensei.

One Sunday we went into the Children's Museum in Boston.  The boys loved it--I HATE that place.  Too much stimulation.  It was a beautiful day so we went for a walk.  We had lunch at Joe's Bar and Grill on the water by the North End, and after we got cannolis.  Sebastian was begging for one because he learned about them in a Curious George episode.  He loved it.  Adrian opted for a "Black and White" cookie.  Then we rode the T back to the Children's Museum so the boys could get on the "train."  They loved the whole day and couldn't wait to tell their friends about their adventures the next day at school.

Random photos:

Last weekend we went to Auntie Carol's to visit and see Nana.  Everyone went, so that was great.