Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer Fun

Swimming at Tío Jim's and Tía Jen's with Baby Alice and James.  The four played nicely together in the screened in porch.  I love that Alice is right in the mix now!

Dinner at The Shipyard in Hingham after an afternoon at Grumpy's beach with the cousins.  Wahlburgers!

 Sebastian wore this suit on a 90 degree day because he said it was his "Clark Kent Suit."  Oh boy.

At their favorite "Spiderman playground."

Playground near Mini's house.  A rare moment of physical contact that doesn't involve hitting or kicking or slapping.

World War I Memorial Park in North Attleboro.

The butterfly shoots water!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Cancún 2016

This year, instead of visiting Monterrey, we met Carlos's family in Cancun.  It was 5 nights and 6 days of family and pool time!  The boys *LOVED* it.  They cried for their cousins when we got home!

The pictures are in no particular order because I'm too lazy and I have to do some work before bed.  I also stole some of them off FB from Carla and Carlos and Lorna.  

We took a catamaran ride to go snorkeling.  It was kind of a disaster.  The captain had two long pinky nails for snorting coke?  He was a perv as well.  The equipment they had was too big for the boys, and the water was open ocean and too choppy.  We all thought we were going to a protected inlet or a walk-out beach to snorkel--not the open ocean.  But whatever.  It was something to do, and I got in the water for a bit to try the snorkeling.

Christina, Lorna, and Jaime enjoyed a swim while waiting for the others to finish snorkeling.

The hotel pool was awesome.  It had a "cliff" dive spot, water slide, wading pools, and swim-up bar.

 There was an infinity pool near the beach as well.