Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hull, Sleepovers, Cabbyshack, Parkour, and Nana!

The boys had a great time at Grumpy's--as usual.

They had their first sleep over with their friends Edwin and Dillon.  The two boys are their BFFs and they spent the night.  All four boys were SO GOOD.  We look forward to doing it again!

They boys enjoyed kicking a big huge rubber ball up onto the roof and waiting for it to roll off.

There was some bike riding...

And some sprinkler running and water gunning...

The next day we went to Plymouth to enjoy the warm, but not too hot or humid weather.  We had lunch outdoors at the Cabbyshack.  There was live music.  The boys loved it and were well behaved.  The food was great; I wasn't expecting much from the place, but it was a great environment AND had good food.

Sunday we went to see nana.  Auntie Mimi stopped by--we hadn't seen her since Christmas!  Hi, Auntie Wee!!!!!  Nana had ice cream sandwiches and vanilla wafer cookies.  The boys were happy.

The boys had their first parkour seemed like a great idea to me since it's a combo of running and gymnastics.  Well, it was a *HUGE* success.  The boys have a crush on their teacher Dylan.  He was a cool dude, and was great with the kids.  And they actually learned a wasn't just a bunch of running wild and jumping.  We hope to send them back!

So excited for summer to really begin!!!  Boys are in school until July 2....then we will have adventures every day and get into summer mode!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Farm, Cookies, and Water Guns

I love these guys so much.  Their personalities are's not always pretty.  They sure can whine and have a tantrum still.  But they are getting better.  I love talking to them because they finally can have a conversation with me.  Adi loves to help.  Sebastian just loves to play with his toys.

Pictures of "the farm."  Almost everything is growing well so far!!!  (My rosemary plant from last season looks mostly dead, and my lemon balm and strawberry plant in the strawberry planter also seem to be dying...not sure why.)  What a difference from the shady beds I have behind the house!  I've had radishes and am now harvesting basil, parsley, cilantro, dill, sage, spearmint, lavender, kale, garlic, onions, chard, and spinach.  There's also tons of lettuce ready to be collected and a few strawberries on my alpine plant.  I actually have cukes that are ready!!!  (seems early...)  The beets are almost ready, as are the carrots.  And the hot peppers are coming along nicely.  I'm most curious about whether or not I'll have tomatoes since I started all the plants from seed.  I've been pruning them, but who knows if I'm actually doing it right.

Everything looks much bigger now than in the pictures.  I took these 2 weeks ago, but what a difference two JUNE weeks make!  The beds are almost overrun now with the veggies.

A gift from one of my students...homemade by her aunt.  They taste good, too!

A little water gun action in the back yard...