Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Aaaaaand It's a Wrap...

Well, summer's done for us.  I'm technically back to work this week, on email and phone now, although I don't have to go in to the office (thankfully).  

Last week, we did two short days at the boys' new school to test drive things and ease the boys back in.  They went pretty happily and had a great time at school.  Because I'm THAT parent, I took them to Toys 'R" Us after the first day and let them pick something out.  Sebastian got a new Spiderman backpack and a McQueen car and Adi picked a Darth Vader backpack (didn't want a car).

Thursday, in between days at school, we went to Thomas Land at Edaville with Mini and Tio Jim and Baby James.  The park was hardly ready and there were some major organizational/managerial issues with the place in general.  However, we still had fun.  

One day Carlos made Adi's favorite pasta, a recipe from Abuelito.  Adi couldn't shove it in his mouth fast enough.  He was a mess when he was done!

 We discovered a new playground in Brockton...supposedly there is a nature trail, too.  It's in a decent area and it's brand new.  It's our new favorite because of all the challenging things to climb on.

The boys looooved the little zip line.

Sunday was overcast but we went to Hull anyway to play on the beach.  First the boys discovered Grumpy's wooden pinball machine.  Adi was GOOD at it...he got a glazed look in his eye while playing.  I'll have to keep him away from video games!  (Yeah right)

Finally, last night we went to see the Toe Jam Puppet Band at the Ames Free Library in Easton.  They were funny.  The boys were tired and cranky though (Actually, only Adi was), so we left a little early.  But I'm glad we checked it out.  We have such a gorgeous library--inside and out.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fun, Fun, and More Fun!

The boys have been a bit volatile this summer (to say the least), mainly due to a lack of good napping for Adi and my refusal to feed them crap (they go hungry more often than not it seems), but the good days have definitely outnumbered the bad ones.  I have to remember that!  ;-)

We were out walking and driving last week when the Mercedes ran out of batteries.  It was great that Adi, who chose to walk and not drive, could push Sebastian.  I didn't have to do it.  It's so wonderful when you realize how much they are capable of doing on their own now that they couldn't just a short time ago.  Yeah!

We went to Mini's playground one day and were there for a long time.  Instead of running around, which is what I had in mind for them (!), they decided to play in the sandbox for, like, forever.  Those boys just love sand!

 When we got home, they washed Papa's car...AWESOME.  The dinosaur helmet is a nice touch, don't you think?

Adi kept dumping the water over his head.  He seems to get a kick out of it!??!

A little small....but he made do!

He was extremely thorough and detail-oriented...I'm certainly not, so he looks like a good candidate for washing cars in the future!

As usual, Adi does his own thing most of the time...

Last week Jim and I met in Hull.  The boys had a great time playing diggers and making roads on the beach for over 2 hours.  Then we went to the carousel.  Finally, I took my boys to the Hingham Shipyard.  I'd never been.  We went to Whalburgers and had a picnic outside so we could watch the boats.  It was fun!  Food was gross, though.  I was disappointed.

One afternoon we drove the Mercedes and the boys were cracking up over something.  I don't even remember what...it was something Adi said when Sebastian pushed the radio button.  I think he was actually saying "MOOOOOOW the lawn" in a silly voice.  I don't know why it was so funny, but I guess they thought it was!

Friday we went to the Attleboro playground to use their sandbox.  I hate the thought of public sandboxes, but I caved given how much they love it.  They brought their big diggers with them and had the whole place to themselves (we went early). Fun!  Sebastian keeps asking to go back.

This weekend was crazy busy...in a good way.  It was Nana's 90th birthday celebration!  Happy Birthday, Nana!!  We love you to pieces!

My Auntie Carol had old music on, like Glen Miller and jitterbug and other old stuff.  At one point everyone got up and danced!  

The boys played with Kitchen's trucks on the deck with the river in the background...the weather was perfect.  Such a nice afternoon.

Saturday morning was also the Meditech picnic.  As usual, it was a great time.  The boys rode the pirate ship, got tattoos, got their picture on a Rubik's Cube, rode the rides, and ate.

They were so happy to have ice cream!

Adi tried fried dough and loved it.


Lastly, today we set up their big boy beds.  Adi's in there...hiding under Puppy!

For right now, nothing matches because the boys got to pick out bedding when they potty trained (thanks, Mini!).  We'll try to alternate to the matching bedding.  It's all "supposed" to be blue and orange.  It looks cute in there, though, and the boys love the bed with their "secret compartments."  We found these vintage beds at the Salvation Army for $25 each.  I knew they'd be a hit!  The orange IKEA light was a yard sale find and the blue night stand was discounted at Target.

I'm not in love with the bed placement, but the room is tiny, and given the location of the windows, door, closet, and baseboard heating, this is the only way--until they get bunk beds!  ;-)  I have to admit--I wanted to sleep in their beds!  I remember how much I used to like to be in my bedroom after my mom would rearrange the furniture.  It would feel like a whole new space and I would want to be in it as much as possible.  I think they felt the same way--we couldn't get them out of the room to go play downstairs!

We'll see how they sleep.  I think it will take a little getting used to because it feels more open than their crib/toddler bed.  Fingers crossed!