Saturday, April 18, 2015

Enjoying the Weather--FINALLY

So long since I've posted...

The leather racing coats that my mother-in-law got the boys ages ago finally fit.  They are in love with their coats.  Adi even sleeps with his ON occasionally.  

Last Sunday we walked to a dead-end street in our neighborhood, crossed a little stream (there is a board there to cross), and walked through the woods.  After a very short hike up a hill, we came to a clearing and found this!  It was cool because we could hear church bells and music from the Catholic church that is nearby.  I felt like we had been to mass for the week...  ;-)

It's a huge corn field!

And there are tons of "Christmas trees" near the clearing.

Then we got back on our bikes and went home.  The boy still ride tricycles Fred Flintstone style.  It drives me crazy.

Then we played water guns...despite it being a bit chilly.

The boys finally will wear helmets to ride their bikes (with training wheels, not the tricycles).  They don't really know how to ride them, but at least they sit on them and put helmets on...They are so proud of the helmets they didn't want to take them off for dinner!

Last weekend I had to work (!!) at a junior class retreat at Camp Bourndale.  I was gone from 3:45 Saturday to 6pm Sunday.  All-in-all it was a fine weekend, but it's not my idea of fun to hang out all weekend with kids, SLEEP in the same cabin as them, and then go to work on Monday to see them again!  ;-)

No rest for the weary; Tuesday and Wednesday our office was at the Mountain School in Vermont.  That is always a nice time, but it's also a lot of work.  At least I was able to see a baby sheep being born!  The mother gave birth to twins!!  I missed the first birth, but my colleague Sandi actually helped deliver it!  I was there for the second birth, but wanted nothing to do with helping the baby come out.

Here is the baby minutes after it came out...the second one is still inside Mama Sheep...

And right after the second one was born...  Within minutes they stand up and walk.  It's so impressive.

On the way home, we stopped at the new 93 rest stop.  I found 603 beer, which is brewed by an old high school friend.  I had to buy a bottle since it's currently only sold in NH.  It was darn good!

And this weekend, back to the normal routine.  Yeah!!  Market Basket bright and early and a little horse riding--it was 60 at like 7:30am today!

It was GORGEOUS today.  We went for another walk to our secret place.  Notice all the snow is gone now!  I thought it would never melt, honestly.

I couldn't get close enough for a picture, but there was a gaggle (?) of wild turkeys in the corn field eating!  Eww.

Sebastian crossed the plank all by himself.

We played outdoors all day long.  Heaven after this long winter.

I also bought some herbs for my garden and planted a ton of seeds: arugula, many kinds of lettuce, beets, kale, chard, snap peas, and radishes.  Hopefully we have good results this year.

We went to the playground in the afternoon.  It's so nice/weird/sad that they can do pretty much everything at the playground now all by themselves.  Just last summer they still needed help climbing some things.  They are so big...

And that's that.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

Happy Easter!

This morning the boys woke up to too many presents from a very generous Easter Bunny!  They received mostly McQueen cars and Jake the Pirate stuff with a few books and other trinkets for good measure.  Actually, the biggest hit was their Captain Hook hooks.  Now they hold a "real" hook (as opposed to a wrench like before!) in one hand and a sword in the other!

My new Motorola phone takes horrid pictures...sorry.  Now that I know, it's actually good.  It will force me to use my "real" camera more often now.

A bit out of order, but yesterday we had to do some errands.  Adi talked me into getting him a Superman and Spiderman shirt and some spiderman crocs.  He wore both shirts--one over the other--and even slept with his spiderman shoes.  This kids loves clothes more than any toy he's ever had.

Just a quick word about the snow as well.  It was warm (50s) for the past few days and most of the snow melted!!  FINALLY!  This is still a large snowbank at the end of the street, but most of the snow is off the lawn.  My garden is finally clear--I hope to plant seeds next weekend if the weather allows.

The boys have been asking to go out and ride their McQueen car/Mercedes (Mer-Savers, as Adi calls it) and their trikes as much as possible!

Today we hosted a brunch, and it was so nice to spend time with family.  My brother and his wife and Baby James weren't with us because Jen gave birth on April 2 to little Alice Mei, the first girl in the family!!!!  Finally!!!  :-)  We missed them, though.

I went in the kitchen to cook this morning, turned on the oven at around 7:30 to put the ham in (I had to cook things in stages) and the oven exploded!!!!  Carlos saw sparks fly, and it made a huge bang noise!  It's dead.  So now we have to go out and buy a new oven.  In any event, I was freaking out and planning on going to my mom's to cook when she suggested we use the gas grill.  Duh.  Thank God it isn't buried in snow anymore!  The timing was perfect because just 2 days ago it was still surrounded by a snowbank!  It was damaged a little from all the heavy snowfall, but it worked AND there was enough gas.  My neighbor Sarah also came through--she said we could use her oven if necessary.  It's so nice to have great neighbors...

We had Pioneer Woman French Toast Casserole (a keeper--better than my old go-to recipe), egg casserole, potatoes,  cranberry quiche, yogurt and granola and fruit salad,  "cucarachas" (Greek cookies), a peanut butter and chocolate and caramel cake with ice cream, apple pie, a pineapple/caramelized pretzel treat, homemade turtles (thanks to my mom), was all delicious.  And it's easy to have my family over because they always bring delicious things!

Sebastian was thrilled to sword fight with Kitchen.  Adi was happy to cozy up to Nana.  I took him to the bathroom at one point and he said:

Adi: Nana's sad.
Mama: Why?
Adi: Because she wants Adi.
Mama: Then go be nice to her.
Adi:  Yeah, OK!

It nearly broke my heart.  He was so happy to be with her today.

After everyone left we went to Lowe's and bought a new stove.  It will be delivered tomorrow.  We got a really nice LG one that was originally $999 for 40% off because it was dented on the side.  Then they gave us another 5% off for using the Lowe's card.  It's much nicer than the stove we have now--Stainless steel with 3 racks and black cook top.

Two random things:

1.  A funny saying from Sebastian: Grumpy, you can go now.  You can get in your car. (As they were going to bed when Grumpy was visiting Friday night)

2.  I love this picture of my Adi with his Spiderman hat, shades, and smile.  Also, he has a box of "pasta wheels" with him.  Lately, he things buying a box of pasta wheels is a big treat.  He carries the box around with him and puts it in his "briefcase" (lunchbox).  They are only $.99 and he also likes to eat them, so I bought him a few boxes last time I went to the market.  Then he played with the boxes on the kitchen table like they were blocks.  He made towers and then took them down and then built them again.  You never know what this kid is going to obsess over!!