Thursday, November 20, 2014

Funny Sayings 11/20/14

"Mama, I want Christmas music."  --Sebastian in the car going to school

"Mama, Santa bring me army man sneakers and big boy underwear!!!!!!"  --Adi, on what he wants for Christmas

Mom:  Adi, what do you want for Christmas?
Adi: Cake.  And cookies.

"I want you, Mama."  --to me over Facetime when I was away for work for one night.  Then, he got mad that I wouldn't come home through the phone and shot me a really dirty look.  He wouldn't say goodbye to me after that.  :-(

"Mama loves her boys sooooooo much."  --Sebastian

"Mama, Miss Helena got mad.  She told me to stay on my cot."  --Sebastian confessing his school mischief

"Mama, Aiden (friend from school) wears glasses."  --Sebastian  (As an aside, Aiden's mom, whom I work with, told me that Aiden says Sebastian is one of his favorite friends at school.)

"FROSTY, DA SNOWMAN!!!!"  --Sebastian singing, while clapping, when the song comes on when we are riding in the car on the way to school

Birthday Party!

Last weekend was the boys' (and Carlos's) birthday party at home.  It was a lot of fun!  

We had homemade tacos for the adults and pizza for the kids.  I put beef and pork in the crockpots and chicken in the oven to slow cook.  

The theme of the party was Toy Story/Buzz Lightyear.

We had to do the piƱata in the dark on the porch--it was freezing.  Sebastian was taking quite a whack at the thing!

Then we had food and cake.  My mom got the Toy Story cake, and it was beautiful AND delicious!  She had the person who made it put Toy Story figures all over it, and the boys were excited to get them off the cake and play with them.  Adrian was in his glory--he had *TWO* pieces of cake!

 Sebastian wanted to sleep with all the figures.

Adrian loved Bullseye.

 The next morning they opened their presents.  They loved these Mega Block dump trucks from Thomas and Caroline.

And Carlos and my present was this rack for their cars (made from two shoe racks).  They love it.

Later on Sunday our neighbor Mike came over with some presents for the boys.  He got them a truck and an airplane that come apart with toy drills.  It's awesome and good for their motor skills.  They had a lot of fun unscrewing the bolts and then putting the truck/plane back together again.  Here's Adi posing with his new drill and his fleece from Manja Manjinja.

It was great fun and the boys loved ALL of their presents.  They nearly hyperventilated every time they opened one.  Christmas is going to be fun this year! :-)

Monday, November 10, 2014


As usual, because it's been so hard to stay on top of the blog lately with the craziness of work, some random pictures of the month of October.

The boys love to "work" with sticks as they take a walk around the neighborhood.  They "sweep" the leaves and "clear" the storm drains.

Sebastian still won't use the potty, but he likes to make me take him into his bedroom in the morning before school and look at his big boy underwear.  Sometimes he likes to do "night night" on top of his big boy underwear.  The kid is so weird!

Sebastian loves owls, and Mini bought both boys a little stuffed owl.  Both boys really like them.  They were especially thrilled when they discovered that the owl looks just like the one in one of their favorite books, Lost in the Woods.

Carlos has been taking the boys on Sunday mornings so I can write recommendation letters for work.  It sucks for me, but it's the only way I can get my letters done.  This particular Sunday they went to Walmart with Grumpy to look for "buzzezzes."  That's how Sebastian makes the plural of Buzz.

Here he is with some of his Buzzezzes.  He had like 8--all different sizes and styles.  He loves each and every one of them and rotates through them from day to day.

 Playing the Dress-Up Joey.

One morning before school the boys started putting on hats, glasses, etc. and hamming it up.

Too bad this is blurry--it could have been a classic.

Seen/overheard in the car at school one morning:  "Mama, I'm hugging my feet.  I love them." --Sebastian

This was Adi's reaction to Sebastian's foot hugging...  ;-)

Pep rally for Nobles Day.

Adi was so happy I brought home a wig.

He was also happy to march around with this box on his head like an Egyptian pharaoh.  The roll of wrapping paper was something he picked out when we went to Party City to get stuff for the boys' birthday party.  He calls it his "ah-my towl."  I have NO IDEA why.  He loves it.

Sebastian got a Buzz keychain and loves it.

While waiting for Baby James to visit Sunday, the boys did "Ready Set Go" together, hand-in-hand.

Sebastian is so good with his cousin.  He immediately shared his Buzzezzes with him--a sign of true love with Sebastian!

Adi tried to give James a ride in his Mercedes, but he kept going too fast and jerking the car.  So James would cry, and then Adi didn't want to keep driving because he didn't seem to like that he was making James cry.  So James ended up walking.

 One weekend not too long ago I introduced the boys to The Wizard of Oz.  They love it, including the witch, which means they truly are my boys!  Sebastian likes to sing "Because because because because" over and over again...and then he walks the lines in the road and goes around in circles to follow the yellow brick road like Dorothy.

 Sometimes the path to our house is his yellow brick road...

The boys eating a cookie... "Mama it's so yummy!" says Sebastian.

And, before I forget, two quotes.

"You're a bad boy, Sah-bas-chin."  --Adi when Sebastian wouldn't stop crying a few days ago.

"Adi, Santa's not going to bring you toys.  You're a bad boy."  Sebastian to Adrian (randomly)