Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lakeville Fun

Thanks to an old friend, I discovered a new playground for the boys that we LOVED.  We went today to check it out, and we'll definitely go back.  It's in Lakeville, not far from my old tennis club.

It's huge...

This little house was the boys' "office."  

It had a great "spider web" as the boys called it.  They climbed on it for a while.  Their favorite thing was actually to shake it, more than to climb it...

It's got this GREAT pirate ship structure...and there are crocodiles all around the playground.  So cute!

There is a small, independent coffee shop right down the street that I've read a lot about.  I didn't stop today, but next time!!  This place was a ton of fun!!

Buttonwood Park Zoo

Sunday the weather was supposed to be ify and we didn't know what to do.  I saw something on my Facebook feed that the Buttonwood Zoo was free.  So we jumped in the car and just went.  None of us had ever been before.  It didn't disappoint--it's a great little zoo for little kids, and it's DIFFERENT than the Capron Zoo that we just visited.  Different animals, different stuff to do.

There is a playground outside that we hit just before we left...a pretty large one that the boys really enjoyed before it started to rain.  So we left.  We had it all to ourselves!  :-)

The zoo was also deserted.  They told us it's generally slow Sunday mornings until around 11.  We got there at 10, an hour after it opened, and it was dead.  I love having places to myself.

They have two elephants!  Rosie and Emily.  They were extremely funny looking.  One was eating...I've never seen an elephant eat before, but it was comical.  It actually threw the hay up into its mouth.

I swear the elephant heard me say "Smile for a picture."  It turned around and looked right at me!!!  It was born in the 60s, so she's probably heard that a few times before...

The boys really liked the aquarium-style show they had with the seals.

 We also had a train ride all around the zoo with a CRAZY driver who purposely drove the train badly to amuse us...Sebastian loved it.

 And we went on the carousel, too.  All told, a whole morning of fun cost all of us $12--we had to pay for the train ride and the carousel.  Not bad, though.

We'd go back.  It was fun!!

In-Laws visit Part II

One morning we drove down to Nick and Lorna's on the Cape.  What a lovely day.  We went to the beach and then had lunch out behind their house, overlooking the pond.  It was hot as hell, but there was a beautiful breeze and we were in the shade--it was perfect.  I wish I had a better picture.

 After dinner, the boys and I went home and the cousins went kayaking!  Wish I had gone!!

We had a cookout at my mom's house after swim lessons.  My father-in-law was rocking Lucas's hat.  Looked perfect on him with his outfit!!

The boys had a *BLAST* playing in the pool with the cousins.

One afternoon we enjoyed a sunday pack from Peaceful Meadows, courtesy of my mom and Nana.  Yeah for delicious ice cream!!!

They got home safe and sound, and the boys have been missing them all like crazy.  They keep talking about their cousins and the next time they come visit!  It was a great time!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

North Conway 2015

On Tuesday, we took it easy and allowed the in-laws to recover.  We walked the neighborhood, went to Bass Pro Shop, and cooked out.

On Wednesday morning, we took off for 3 nights and 4 days in North Conway, NH.  On Thursday we went to Story Land.  The boys loved it!  The favorites were the Bamboo Shoots flume ride, this Egyptian boat ride where you got to soak other people (and get soaked) with guns, and the talking Humpty Dumpty.

The Polar Coaster was closed for renovations. :-(  And they were 1" too short for the Roar a Saurus roller coaster.  But I'm thrilled that they liked the flume--we probably rode it 10 times!!

There was a nice little playground at the condo that the boys played in a few times with the cousins.

On Friday we went on a train ride at the Conway Scenic Railroad.  It was A Day Out with Thomas as well.  We paid for a longer, non-Thomas train ride, but still got to do all the Thomas things.  It was a good surprise!

In the afternoon, we dropped in the in-laws off at the outlet stores and we went to Attitash to do the alpine slide.  It was AWESOME.  The boys got two chair lift rides and 2 alpine slide rides and a wading pool/water park adventure out of it.  

 They loved this little water slide!

And they LOOOOOOVED the alpine slide.  So did I!  I had forgotten how much fun it is.  I wish we could have done it all day long!

What a great trip!!!!  So much fun!