Saturday, October 25, 2014

Coming Out of the Dark

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Next week will be hell at work--the busiest of the year--and then things will die down a little bit.  Thank God!  The nice thing about this job is just when I think I can't take it anymore, it gets better.

It's been so long since I updated the blog with pictures.  I haven't been taking many because I haven't done that much that is worth documenting.  It's been all work, all the time for the past two months it seems.  I guess we did manage to have some fun along the way...

First, nothing too exciting, but we had some Latino workers that did work for us in Watertown come and do some odd jobs around the house.  They pulled out some overgrown evergreen-type shrubs (no idea what they are called) along the foundation of the garage, ripped up that nasty astroturf on the front steps that I cursed every single time we came home (and patched the cement underneath), fixed a ripped screen on the porch, lowered the drain in the driveway (it was too high and the water wasn't flowing in), and trimmed back the waaaaay overgrown burning bushes.  It was awesome: three guys and one afternoon and boom!  It was all done.  Money well spent.

The border of the yard looks much better, but now we have to trim under the bushes, which is still overgrown since the big bushes were so full you couldn't get in there to trim or rake the leaves out.

Another view.

Bad pictures because of the sun when I wanted to take them.  But you can see how much cleaner the steps are now!

After the big gross bushes were ripped out we planted some azaleas and rhododendrons.  We need to mulch the area but decided to wait until the spring.

Now the random photos of the boys.  One day Adi was so proud of himself for putting his goggles on by himself...I didn't have the heart to tell him they were on wrong.

We went to see Nana in early October.  We took a walk down her street.  Nana is always happy to run into her neighbors so she can show off the boys.  

When we got home, the boys wanted Mini to drive her car with them.  So she did...almost half way around the neighborhood!  The boys loved that she did it.

We've been using our fireplace almost every weekend night.  We LOVE it.  It makes it easier for me to do work when I have to spent a Saturday night sending emails or writing letters.

We went to the Sheep Pasture's annual fall festival.  Kind of a disappointment.  I mean, it was ok, but it cost $7/adult to get in and then it was nothing more than Autumn Fest in Bridgewater, which is free.  Now we know.  The boys did enjoy climbing on this tractor, though.  And Sebastian watched the band play for about 15 minutes without moving because he liked the men playing the guitar.

After we went to Langwater Farm--they were running free hay rides out to the pumpkin patch.  That was more fun (and cheaper!) than the festival.  We did it last year, too, and it was just as much a hit this year.  The boys each picked a tiny pumpkin, and I got an odd-shaped one that kind of looks like a cupcake.

Sebastian "coloring" a picture for school.

We went to a Lowe's Build & Grow clinic to make haunted houses.  The houses are adorable.  The boys were less than adorable.  Carlos made them both and neither boy could have cared less.  Actually most of the children were not at all interested.  I guess we'll wait until they are older to go back (although if the stuff is cute, maybe we'll go again...)  I sort of expected they wouldn't care, but they do love to mess around with tools at home.  Carlos was excited that we walked away with free aprons, patches, and goggles for the boys, in addition to the haunted house.

On Columbus Day we went to Hull.  Jim and Baby James came, too, and we went to the beach.  Sebastian and James love each other.

Adi wanted so badly to get wet..

 Sebastian still won't wear big boy underwear, but he likes to go in his room in the morning and look at his underwear.  He likes to "do night night on his big boy underwear."  Weird kid.  Wait til he's in high school and I tell him that.

The latest infatuation of Sebastian's is with Toy Story and Buzz.  He sets up "Big Buzz" (because he has 4 "buzzezez" as he calls them: Big Buzz, 2 medium buzzes--one with a helmet and one without, and one Tiny Buzz) on the table and then talks to him.

Today we spent some time at Mini's playground in the morning.  Sebastian was in love with the whale.

Then we went to Patriot Place for the Cranberry Harvest Festival.  We walked around, sampled free food, met some characters, listened to some music, "looked for Buzz toys," and then left.  It was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon!

The boys were excited to see where Tom Brady plays, to go down Tom Brady's stairs, and to play on Tom Brady's grass (outside the stadium).

They kept falling down on purpose on the astroturf like the "men on the TV."

And that's all for now.  I hope to be back more regularly after November 1!

Monday, October 13, 2014

More Sayings...And They Keep Coming

"I need socks, Mama" (When he goes to bed)

Adi's so cozy! (about his Mickey Mouse PJs)

"We hafta go to the store, Mama.  Get more trick or treat at the store. "  (He means we have to buy M&Ms at the store so he can eat them.)

Look, Mama!  I have the army man!!  (Pointing to camouflage elbow patches on his shirt)

"I take you to the doctor, Mama?  Make you feel better!  I'll give you medicine!"  (using his doctor kit to give me a syringe of medicine because I did something to my back to make it hurt LIKE HELL.)

Adi also taught me the "One little finger" song the other day.  He sings the whole thing all by himself and does all the hand movements.  He can also do the ABCs and Five Little Pumpkins.

"I'm nice and cozy, Mama." (When he gets in his big boy bed.  He says it every time he gets under the blankets.)

Mama to Adi:  Who does Adi play with at school?
Sebastian: Adi plays with Andrew.  And Ingrid!!!!!  ;-)

Sebastian to Mama:  I want to go to Mama's Office.
Mama:  It's closed, and Miss Sandi went home.
Sebastian: Miss Sandi went home with her balls.  (The first time they met my colleague she let them hold some stress balls she had in the office.  Ever since then, the boys talk about "Miss Sandi's balls.")

When Mama speaks Spanish: "No!! Mama speaks 'Ahnglish.'  Papa speaks Spanish."

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Funny Sayings

Adrian: "Mama, let's call Mini." (After seeing a picture of her on Facebook)

"Hafta ask." --both boys about going to the playground at school

Sebastian:  "Mason cries when his Mama leaves" (at drop off)
Mama:  "Do you hug him?"
Sebastian: "NO!"

Sebastian: "Mama--I want go to yard sales."  (because I buy him McQueen toys at yard sales and found some last weekend that he was excited about)

Sebastian:  "I need a boogie, Mama."  (means I HAVE a boogie)

"I'm going to work/Grumpy's house/Mini's house/school Mama!" --both boys, moving in their red cars
"I missed you!!!" (accompanied by hugs) --both boys when they come home in their red cars from work/Grumpy's house/Mini's house/school

Adrian: "I keep Puppy a little while?" (to the teacher, when he arrives at school)

Sebastian: "I want to go to Mrs. Donut's house."  (first thing upon waking up this morning, after learning we'd go to Mrs. Holt's house this weekend)

Mama:  "What does Diego (the Guinea pig at school) eat?"
Sebastian: "eh-us" (repeat 1,000 times)
Mama: "Huh?" (repeat 1,000 times)
Papa (finally): "Lettuce?"
Sebastian (laughing hysterically that we FINALLY understood): "YES!!!!"
Mama:  "What else does he eat?"
Sebastian: Carrots.  And Papa's cereal (Kashi/Cheerios).


Wow.  This is the longest I've gone without posting--even when the boys were infants!  Work is kicking my @$$.  Picking up the 6th grade Spanish class sounded like a good idea at the time....but it's a lot of work on an already jam-packed schedule.  But the kids are a lot of fun!  I think I'll enjoy it more once early decision deadlines (and, therefore, the bulk of my letter writing) have passed.

So here's a quick and very random catch-up!

We put the Halloween decorations (a.k.a. the "Halloweens") up on September 15th--or around there.  The boys were begging for the pumpkins, witches, and ghosts--they take after me and already love the holiday!  We have been reading Halloween books every night as well.  Mini bought Sebastian an owl because he loves them.  He immediately took it for a ride in McQueen with him.

We were invited to Narragansett a few weekends ago (beginning of September) to a friend's house.  It is gorgeous down there.  The boys loved playing with their trucks in the yard.  We didn't make it to the beach--too bad--because the boys were dying to go.  But otherwise, they were good.

So here is the living room decorated for Halloween.  Most of the stuff is in here or in the play area downstairs.  EVERY SINGLE MORNING when they wake up they ask to go in there and see the pumpkins.

The day before the kids came back to school we went to Jim's house to see Baby James and swim in the pool.  They loved it.

Bad pics, but the herbs and plants in my garden were flourishing.  I trimmed all the herbs and am drying them in the basement:  spearmint, parsley, dill, and tarragon.

We went to the beach with Grumpy.  It was the perfect day.

We continue to hit playgrounds in the area as much as we can.

The boys loved this display at the entrance of Lowe's.

I've been using every weekend naptime possible lately to do yardwork.  I'm trimming back bushes and plants in the front that were super overgrown.  It is slow going with the tools I have, but it looks so much cleaner.

We decorated the lamp post for the fall.  The boys love this, too.

And created a little garden for the boys.  Mini bought them the owl.

Moreau Hall down the street has a good playground--probably the closest one to us.

Post hair-cut (finally)--eating bananas.  Adi went for a loooong time without eating ANY fruit.  I think thanks to school, he is finally back on bananas again.  And he will occasionally eat watermelon or apple.  But that's it.

Last weekend I left for Chicago for 4 days for work.  Carlos took the boys to the pumpkin patch with the Paone Family.  They had a blast.  I wish I had been there.

A few random pictures from Evanston, IL.  Loved the houses!

Lake Michigan is so ginormous!

The boys had a party for me when I came home.  Mini made a cake and they sang me "Happy Birthday."  Cuz that's what you do when someone comes home.  It was so sweet when I came back.  Sebastian kept saying over and over and over "Mama came back!!!  Mama came back on an airplane.  Mama don't want to leave!"

Today was Autumn Fest in Bridgewater.  The boys loved riding the train with Mini.  I got all sorts of junk to put in their stockings for free...hahaha!

And that's it--for now!