Thursday, August 14, 2014

Playgrounds and the Meditech Picnic

Same old, same old...more trips to the playground.  Thank God for playgrounds to break up the monotony and give them a chance to climb and explore.  

We have spent a lot of time at our tiny, almost private playground.  There is never anyone there, which I love.  The boys were cute one morning having their snacks.

The Meditech picnic was this past Saturday.  This was the first year that the boys actually really got into it.  They wanted to go on all the rides.

First, we rode the choo choo.

Then the fire trucks about 10 times.  Thank goodness there aren't any lines for the rides.  The boys were able to just stay in their seats for 3 rides in a row.  We'd get them off to do another ride and they'd keep asking to go back to the fire trucks!

They ate french fries, chicken fingers, and lobster for them!

Back on the fire trucks!

And on the genie ride.

And the flying elephants.

Then we had ice cream.  Adrian was in his glory.

We met Sponge Bob.

They were exhausted at around 1:30 s we left so they could nap in the car.  It was a nice day.

We mostly hung around at home this week to swim in our pool.  Adi likes to fill it up because he loves to play with the hose.

Sunday we took the boys to the playground/splash pad in Plymouth to check it out.  I'd heard great things about it.  It's no big deal.  The playground is not great: it's dirty and not very interesting.  The splash bad is also pretty boring.  Overall, I was disappointed.  I wouldn't drive there again for it.  The best part was the ocean views.

We found a "snow blower" (Adi calls leaf blowers "snow blowers" and is IN LOVE with them) at Saver's for $1.99 and had to buy it.  Actually, Adi found it!  He kept yelling "SNOWBLOWER!" at Carlos as he walked by the toy aisle.  Finally Carlos found what he was talking about, and sure enough, it was a snowblower!  What a lucky find...He loves it!  It makes noise and blows little balls around in that clear plastic spot.

We tried yet another playground on Ames St. in Sharon this week.  Another disappointment.  It's a HUGE space, but it's old, and you notice.  All the toys are beat up, the pirate ship that I was so excited to see first-hand is all splintered wood, and the playground is dirty.  I also can't stand sand playgrounds.  It makes such a mess.  (I like wood or rubber chips!)

We went to the brand new playground near my mom's in Bridgewater the day after the disappointing old ones.  That one never fails.

And today, we discovered a hidden gem right here in Easton.  It's hidden behind some buildings way away from the road, near a baseball field.  The structure was in good shape and very interesting; the boys found lots of stuff to climb and do.  And, it was in full-shade in the morning.  Perfect.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pretty Much All of July...

I've never been this bad about updating the blog before.  I have felt so overwhelmed lately with work, housework, and the boys.  I've had no break from them all summer--not even a day--and while I LOVE them to pieces and do cherish my time with them, it leaves for little time to do anything other than play with them and keep them from scratching each other's eyeballs out. (Literally)  Last summer they were still in daycare--they went twice a week in the mornings to keep them in the routine and it made a huge difference to my sanity (and the cleanliness of our house).

Anyway, even though I haven't managed to blog about it, we certainly have managed to get out and DO stuff.

I'm going WAAAAY back now.

Right after we got back from Mexico on a Wednesday, Carlos took Thursday and Friday off.  So we took Papa to our favorite splash pad/wading pool.

We monkeyed around at home, and Sebastian put his new Mexican hat on Buzz.

Grumpy came over and attempted to teach the boys to use a baseball bat.

I got a random text from our lovely neighbor Tony one Saturday night.  I just said "come on over for a drink" and included this picture.  We went running over!  The monitor worked from his back yard.  How awesome is that?!  Carlos and I loved this fire pit--a kit from Lowe's!  Future project...

Carlos got the boys a powerwheels car from some guy who refurbishes them in his free time.  He picked this one up while the boys were napping.  It was waiting for them when they woke up.

It looked great and ran fine, but the seat was far away from the wheel, so the boys had to hunch over to drive.  They didn't like it.  So we all piled into the car and exchanged it for another car the guy had...a black Mercedes SUV.  I only have a video of it, no pictures.  But they love it.  It FLIES around the neighborhood--faster than McQueen even!

Just some random shots...

One day we went to Tio Jim's house and he was having concrete poured.  The boys LOVED watching the cement truck.

This is Webb Memorial Park in Weymouth.  We went with Grumpy, Tio, and Baby James.  The boys loved watching the big whale watch boats go by.

The boys are back to being fascinated by Ernest--this time Ernest Goes to Camp.  Sebastian is giving him his shots, like in the movie.

We've played a lot outside with the water table and the vinyl pool.

One day I tried potty training.  Surprisingly, there was not a single accident all day long.  I put plastic all over the playroom carpet, though, just in case.  Adi did just pee--he couldn't make himself poop.  Seb did pee and a little poop.  I was so proud!

However, the next morning they SCREAMED bloody murder for their diapers back.  And so I relented.  There is no pressure to train them--except from my wallet--so perhaps I'll follow my colleague's suggestion and let the preschool train them...she says they are amazing at it!

We have spent a lot of time at the Easton playground because it's small (easy to keep track of both boys) and there is a traffic cone there...Sebastian is OBSESSED with cones.

One day I took them to the WWI Memorial Park in North Attleboro.  Cool place!  Huge sand box, nice playground, and free petting zoo with a lot of different animals.

I also took them to Byrd Park in Walpole one afternoon.  They like the playground, but could spend hours in the basketball court area on the park's cozy coups...Finally, I got them to go on the see-saw with me.  They loved it.

We've been taking lots of walks.  The boys pick up sticks or "snowblowers" as they call them.  What they really mean is "leaf blowers."  They are obsessed with leaf blowers...Anyway, they swing their sticks around and make machine noises and say "I workin' mama.  I workin." when you try to move them along.  They like to stick snowblowers down the storm drains.

Sometimes they "paint" their cars or toys with water.

We went to the beach in Hull to see Matthew and the girls.  The boys LOVED their new friends.  These two were fast friends.

Pretty soon he'll be BEGGING pretty girls to hug him...

The boys have really enjoyed that $20 pool.  Glad I bought it.

One day we went to visit our friend from Mexico who was visiting Boston.  He invited us in his huge *YACHT* which was docked at Long Wharf.  Yes, that's the boat.  It was so huge and looked so much like a house inside that when we got on it the boys were mad and kept asking to get on the boat.  They thought we'd tricked them and brought them to a house!

Not great pics of the boat, but you get the idea...

Like a freaking house inside--very likely bigger than our house in terms of square feet.  It has 5 bedrooms and quarters for 7 crew members!!!!!!!!

They had to move to another (bigger) marina, so they took us for a cruise around the harbor.  It was great.

View from the boat.

More playground...

And a trip to Hanson's to see the animals and have a milkshake.

Sebastian sucking the boogies out of Bastian Ba.

Wiped out in the car after many adventures!

And I'm already behind again.  I have a ton more pictures on my phone since I last uploaded these.

This is my last free week with the boys.  Next week I'm also off, but I will take the boys 2-3 times to the preschool for half days so they can transition.  This summer FLEW by.  I can't even say where it's gone.

The boys have changed so much since May.  They talk non stop, even Adi.  They have grown 2 shoe sizes over the summer.  All of a sudden, they are resisting naps and jumping on the beds for me at nap time and bedtime.  They are so big, but at the same time, still so small (and obstinate).  Time flies, and it makes me sad to think about going back to work.  Although, I will admit, I will welcome the adult company of my colleagues!