Thursday, December 18, 2014

Funny Sayings: December #2

Both boys:  "You do that one more time and I'm gonna get mad!"

Adrian: "I tooooold you, Mama."

Adrian:  "I'm Combat Cah-rl!!!!" (Carl)
Mama:  "No, you're Army Man Adi!"
Adrian: "Yeah, ok, ok."

Adrian: "Mama, I need two puppies."

Adrian:  "Puppy's so cute!!"
Mama: "Adrian's so cute!"
Adrian: "No.  Puppy."

Adrian: "Mama, get mad at me and tell me to get on my cot."
Mama: "Adi, get on your cot."
Adrian: "Now tell me to wake up, Mama."

While driving home:
Sebastian: "Mama, I want to go the other way."
Adrian: "No Se-baaaah-stian.  This is the only way."

At school Adi went pee on the potty two days in a row. (From the teacher)
Adrian: "Call mama!  I went pee pee on the potty.  She be so happy!!"

Sebastian:  "Mama, I wanna do my surprise box."  (open his advent calendar)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Funny Sayings December #1

Sebastian, this morning while driving by a woman on the side of the road:  "Mama, there's your friend Paul Stookey!"  (The "Paul" of Peter, Paul, and Mary!)

Sebastian:  "Mama, my piggy toes are saying hi to you."  (wiggling his toes at me)

Sebastian:  "Mama, that house not light up yet.  Maybe tomorrow."  (while looking for Christmas lights)

Sebastian:  "Mama, I need my cute Nana hat."  (he calls his new gray hat from Nana his "cute Nana hat")

Sebastian:  "Mama, I want to play for a little minute."  (He uses "little" instead of "few")

Sebastian:  "I'm moving my hair so I be handsome."  (!!!!!!)

The teachers at school told me Sebastian was walking the playground holding hands with one of his friends.  They told him how nice that was and he turned, gave them a look, and said, "It's Christmas!"  (Like DUH, of course I have to be nice!)

Sebastian, about the Wizard of Oz:
 "I wanna watch the Witchy"
"Because, because, because....the Wizard of Claus!"
"Mama, I'm follow the yellow brick road" (while hopping around the playroom with a basket in his hands)

Adrian: "I have to ask Santa for a snowblower."  (What he wants for Christmas, in addition to cake and cookies.)

Adrian: "Mama, I wanna watch Kevin." (Home Alone)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

For their birthday, my mom got the boys a DJ toy.  The boys love it, but particularly Adrian.  He had a great time making music!

The boys had a haircut right before Thanksgiving, and it was the FIRST time *both* boys were good for Maria.  Yeah!

 Carlos stained the car rack so it looks more finished.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun!  The boys loved seeing everyone.  I didn't take many photos because I was busy cooking.

 The boys love the Jack-in-the-box from Nana.

The boys love how their playroom is decorated.

 Adi enjoyed the Thanksgiving leftovers, particularly the mashed potatoes.

Yesterday we went to Breakfast with Santa at the Bass Pro Shops.  It was fun!  The boys got semi dressed up.  At least Adi didn't insist on wearing Army Man clothes.

They had little blank gingerbread ornaments and markers on the table so the kids could decorate their ornaments.  Cute idea.

Adi ate like a machine.  He kept asking for more potatoes.

They loved Santa and weren't even afraid of him.  Although it sort of looks like it here!

With his birthday money from nana, Adi picked out an army man outfit at Bass Pro Shops and insisted on carrying the hangers around the store and then the bag after we had bought the outfit.  We changed him into his new outfit in the car because he was so excited.

Christmas 2014 photo with Santa.

After breakfast we went home and had naps.  In the evening, we went to the Festival of Trees at the Ames Governor Estate in Easton.  

The end.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Pre Thanksgiving Fun

Well, the weekend didn't start off so fun.  I took Sebastian to the pediatrician on Saturday because he'd been so full of snot for so long.  And, he finally began to complain that his ear hurt.  No fever...Yep, he had an ear infection in his left ear.  So Amoxicillin.  He was so wiped from not sleeping well that he fell asleep in the car on the way over.  Poor little guy with his "cookie" and his Santa.

He loves looking at Nemo at the doctor's office.

Later that afternoon we went to the Christmas Place in Abington because we were bored.  The boys went through walking.  It was fine, but we flew through in order to keep them out of trouble.  I hope we can go back at some point this season with my dad and brother.

Carlos and I put up the big tree upstairs but, this year, we also put out the little tree we bought "for the boys" in 2011 right after they were born and we didn't have the time or energy for a big tree.  The boys had fun decorating it.

Sunday we did some mall running to tire the boys out.  Then we went to the playground.

For the first time ever, they jumped from the cars and the other stuff by themselves without holding my hand.  About time!

The nastiness of these places skeeves me out, but cold weather calls and/or excess energy calls for desperate measures.

It wasn't cold by the time we got home!  So Sebastian helped Papa mow the lawn.

Then we played Mr. Potato Head and lined them all up.

Then we beat the crap out of the piƱata for the second time.  They boys had a great time having at it.

Later that afternoon the boys and I went to the playground while Papa painted at home.  We stayed for an hour and a half.  It was great.  They were exhausted when we got home!

Later that evening we went to Nick and Lorna's for supper.  The boys were good playing with Patrick.  It was a nice evening--relaxing almost!  The boys are getting better when we take them places.  They are at their worst at home...they go crazy as soon as they are in the playroom.  :-(

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving!