Friday, November 13, 2015

Randoms Photos

 Since Halloween, the boys haven't taken their costumes off...

 Adi lately likes to take off his shirt and tie it around him in weird a cave man or something.  It's weird.

We went to Christina's baby shower last weekend.  The boys had fun using the rope to climb on the playground in the back yard.  They were so proud of their big-boy skills!

And we had some Mariachi DJing going on one morning.  That is Sebastian's Mexican "grito," or "shout".

A little reading going on before bed.

 That's it for now!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had about 5 or 6 Halloweens this year!

 The best thing we did this Halloween was the "Truck or Treat" at Whitman-Hanson.  It was $5/person and it included a bouncy house, train ride, and trick or treating about 50 vehicles of EVERY kind imaginable.

 Sebastian was originally going to be Captain Hook.  Then he was dying to be Chewy from Star Wars because Adi was Darth Vader.  We caved and got him both...and he used them both, as you can see...  He did NOT like the Captain Hook hat, though, despite what this picture might look like!

We had trick or treat at the boys' school on the 27th.  Each classroom was decorated differently and had fun activities.  The boys' room was Star Wars themed.  I don't know why I didn't get more pictures.

I had to work the morning of Halloween, but when I got home I made beef stew and three different desserts (pumpkin pie, Toll House pie, and apple betty).  Mom and dad came over for dinner and for trick or treating.  The neighbors came over after the festivities in the neighborhood were done so that we could hang out and have dessert.  It was a great night--clear and in the 50s. 

This morning we went to Target and took advantage of the 50% off sales to get some Storm Trooper costumes.

Target also had these "life-size" (at least for the boys) Star Wars figures.

Today I put all the Halloween stuff away.  I've had it up since the end of August (since I know I can't do pretty much anything during the months of September and October because of work) and was really getting sick of it!

I really enjoyed all the festivities of the last few weeks, though.  I felt as though the boys did, too, and we certainly got our money's worth out of their costumes.  Today, because we finally let them use them for dress-up (I had said no before because I was trying to make sure they would last through all the Halloween events!) and they were so excited.  They have not wanted to take the costumes off!  In fact, they wanted to nap in them!

I love Halloween.  But am looking forward to the next two months as well.  Lots to do: Carlos's birthday, the boys' birthday, Thanksgiving at our house, Christmas...Can't wait!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day Weekend

It's been a while--as it usually is in the fall.  I have 3 more letters to write from scratch and about 4-5 to edit.  Almost there.

Adi will be Darth Vader for Halloween.  He loves his mask.  I bought an extra one because he wanted to wear it so badly and I was afraid it would get lost or ruined before he needs to wear it for Halloween.  

Carlos and I have been enjoying regular fires.  Love this fireplace so damn much!  And the room is completely decked out for Halloween! ;-)

Last weekend we went to my dad's condo for dinner.  I have a ton of pictures of the boys with Baby James like this, but each time the heads get bigger... :-(  They are always watching Toy Story that Time Forgot in the picture.

The boys picked out a birthday cake for Mini.  In May, Grumpy got a purple cake with shooting stars...Mini got orange pumpkins with a Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman candle that the boys thought she would like.  Mini was thrilled...

 The boys have finally learned to pedal, if they'd only stop with the tricycles and use their big boy bikes!!

I caught a rare moment of tenderness between the boys the other day...

 Saturday we went to Lowe's and they gave us the Build and Grow haunted bird house project without having to sit there and do it.  (We hadn't even signed up!)  We did it later that afternoon.  Just for the record, I was done about 10 minutes before Carlos.

 The boys rediscovered Ernest Scared Stupid and have been pretending they are the troll and Ernest.  Sebastian has never lost interest in his truck, but he has a renewed love for it because Ernest drives an old beater in the movie.

 We set up the old dining room table in the basement so the boys would have a craft space.

Over the long weekend, we didn't do anything really special, but we had a great time.  We did a lot of hanging out in the backyard and around the house.  

It was so gorgeous out today--almost 70 degrees and sunny.

The boys helped Papa mow the lawn.

We took a walk and a spontaneous dance session broke out.

We made Day of the Dead sugar cookies and decorated them with frosting and sprinkles.

I think long weekends should be the norm!