Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Final Days of Summer... :-(

Oh, how I don't want to go back to school!!!!  :-(  

The boys have become so impressive and independent on the playground.  That was a major milestone for all of us that happened this summer.  

The Meditech Picnic.  I believe this is the 8th time Carlos and I have been, and the second one that the boys were really able to enjoy.

They loved this slide and a funhouse/maze the most.  They went on over and over.

They started karate at Bridgewater Martial Arts last week.  They *love* it.  Sebastian keeps saying, "Mama!!!  The sensei gave me a uniform!!"

One day they were just standing around chatting over "tea" in the afternoon.  Jim and I used to drink out of those same cups when we were little and having picnics at our Smurf plastic picnic table at the Pleasant St. house.  They were chatting about their superhero names.  To be 4.5 years old again...

Lunch at the Shipyard in Hingham after a morning with Jim, James, and Alice at Grumpy's beach.

They are replacing the water pipes in our neighborhood and the streets are all torn up (luckily not near our house).  Free entertainment!!

 Playing "restaurant" at the playground.

My two superheroes.

Last Thursday Auntie Carol came down for a swim at Mini's.  She brought Nana!!  That was such a nice surprise.  We had a good time, and the boys practiced ballet leg, and a new fave, ballet bum.

Our last visit to the Spiderman playground of the summer season. :-(  Love it there.

 I let the boys play in the dirt pile in the driveway.  They LOVED being able to get dirty.  Adrian insisted on wearing that jacket even though it was almost 90 degrees.

Superman does puzzles in our living room sometimes.

Flying in the kitchen...

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Hampshire 2016



Sea Dog, North Conway

 Diana's Bath

Hiking with Miss Sandi and Family

Blueberry picking in Gilford

Troy, the best rescue pit bull ever.

Frog catching.