Friday, March 24, 2017

Recent Shenanigans

First, some master builder Lego creations from Adi.  My new dream is for him to work for Lego and take me with him to Denmark.  The kid has talent as far as I'm concerned.  He can whip these things up in 5 minutes.  The symmetry is amazing.  I honestly cannot do this at 37.

Last week we had one mild day...this March has been horrid weather wise.  Cold, snowy--just gross.  Was so nice to get the bike out and go for a walk!

Yesterday we had to go back to the estate lawyer to sign documents.  So since Carlos needed to ask for time off anyway, we decided to take the boys with us and then have some adventures.  So first we went to the lawyer.  The boys were ANGELS--until it came to signing paperwork.  Then they became antsy and kept interrupting.  That part was frustrating.  But, the lawyer took FOREVER to print all the paperwork (why not have it ready when we got there?!?!) so I can't really blame the boys.  Anyway, they did pretty well considering.

Adi practiced his letters for a good half hour.

Sebastian drew a picture of the lawyer and of himself and waited patiently on the floor while she was upstairs printing documents so that he could present them to her when she came down.  I also discovered he can write his full name when he effortlessly wrote it out on the drawing for the lawyer.  Ok then.  Good job, Creative World!  He has 9 letters in his first name--poor kid--so I was impressed and happy I don't have to teach it to him!

After the lawyer, we took them to Saver's (just down the street) and were going to let them spend their gift cards from Tío Jim.  But there was nothing.  

Then we went to the South Shore Plaza to the Lego store and let them each pick something out.  (Nothing too big!)  Sebastian chose a set of three policeman minifigs from the Lego Batman movie and Adi chose a "gray storm trooper" set (Captain Phasma from Star Wars). 

Then we had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, thanks to a student who gave me a gift card.  

Finally, we went to the Randolph cinemas and the boys saw their *first* movie at the theater.  They loved the experience and the movie.  Success!!!  We basically had the theater to ourselves, too.

Today is PJ day at school--the boys were thrilled.  Karate belt test Saturday (going for their second yellow stripe).  Life is good.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year

New year's day walk at the Sheep Pasture.  Cold, but fun.  The dragon was not in his lair. :-(

Adi the Ghostbuster.

Sebastian with his lego set from Mini.

They found a balloon outside on new year's day.  You would have thought it was actual gold.  It popped after about 30 seconds of play.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

November Birthdays and Christmas

Time flies. 

Adrian and Sebastian playing guitar.  Seb is a *natural*.

So long ago I don't even remember why we were at Grumpy's.  

Celebrating the boys' birthday at the Japanese steak house with Grumpy.

At the Christmas Place in Abington.

 Seb: "Can you buy me EVERYTHING here"?

With his Star Wars mash ups from Tony and Ms. Joann

His Millennium Falcon model from Tony and Ms. Joann

Carlos and I had one day off together.  We cleaned the dryer vent (no easy task!), replaced a broken door handle, and took a 3 mile hike.

Mom's homemade felt picture that came back to us a few years ago via an online yard sale site! :-)

The advent calendars were a HUGE hit.  They look like bombed out buildings now, though...

Santa came!

Merry Christmas from the Hulk and Iron Man!