Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Adirondack Chairs and Bike Riding

For my birthday, I signed up for a woodworking class in Easton.  There is a guy with a little workshop, and he does all sorts of classes.  So, I built this Adirondack chair in about 10 hours (3 weeks of class).  It came out lovely!  Now, I just need to paint it.  And, it was fun!

The boys love to make "creations" with chalk on the driveway.

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to Mini's house to help her open the pool.  She had drawn pictures of the boys on the driveway.  Notice Seb's Superman swirl and Adi's dimples...

One day this stupid US Weekly magazine arrived for me.  I have no idea how I ended up with a subscription because I have no interest in it whatsoever.  Adi snapped up the magazine though and read it from cover to cover over and over again.  He insisted I take his picture, and, without prompting, yelled "GIRLS!" instead of "cheese" when I snapped the pic.  Yikes.

Seb got a tick so I took him to the doctor.  It's a wait and see situation.  It appeared to have JUST latched, so I'm not too worried.  But, man!  Lyme disease is scary!  Seb was so good at the urgent care clinic, entertaining himself by coloring pictures while he waited to be seen.  He takes his coloring so seriously--look at that face!

We went to Auntie Mimi's to see nana.  The boys had lots of energy so I took them for a short walk.  We stopped in the gazebo and the boys did some dancing.

We went to Grumpy's beach this past weekend and had a blast.  The cousins played together nicely.  We were at the beach for almost 3 hours.  Then Grumpy fed us well.  There was some of this Hingham beer in his fridge...so funny that it's called Entitled! ;-)

The boys learned to ride their bikes without training wheels this weekend, too!!!!!!!!!  They still need to practice a lot more, but they were doing it.  They could go from our house to Miss Sarah's without my helping them.  So happy because now we can practice and hopefully have bike adventures by the end of the summer!  Carlos and I went mountain biking for the first time in like 9 years.  We went to the trail behind Oliver Ames.  Was so much fun!  I got a minor wound on my leg--not fun--but that boo boo actually helped me get the boys to get on their bikes.  They are always afraid that they will get hurt.  I showed them my boo boo and told them that I rode my bike after anyway.  They asked why we didn't take them biking with us and we told them we can't until they get rid of the training wheels.  So they went out and rode.  Simple as that!  haha

Thumbs up for the bike riding!

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